Successes and Failures

So the hoard of grey plastic and one metal miniature has turned into a hoard of grey painted miniatures. But of course it wasn't that simple... More after the jump. 
The plastics were fine, all spray painted and now waiting for my first attempt at 6mm scale painting.

The thunderhawk gunship was another matter. As I was spraying it I managed to drop it onto my concrete patio. Of course being metal it disintegrated into its components, I'd forgotten how fragile they can be. Amazingly I managed to find all the tiny little pieces and set about reglueing it back together. 

With that complete I could finish spraying it. Now I just have to wait for them to dry and see how brave I am with my ambitions to paint in epic scale... 

As always any questions or comments are more than welcome. 

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  1. Drybushing? Not sure I'd be brave enough for anything else?