WIP: Magnetising a landspeeder.

As promised here are the details of my magnetized landspeeder.  I've managed to do all the options that come in the ravenwing boxed army. Loads more photos after the jump.

High Marshall Helbrecht converted to Astral Knights Company Master.

Here are the photos of the finished Company Master. As I said in my last post it started off as High Marshall Helbrecht of the Black Templars and has been converted to make an Astral Knight.

More Bikers.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I have managed to get a bit of painting done. 
The photos below are of the last three bikers, brining the total to six. I haven't done the pennants for them yet, or any freehand on the bike armour but other than that they're finished.

Loads more pictures and a few extra bits after the jump...