High Marshall Helbrecht converted to Astral Knights Company Master.

Here are the photos of the finished Company Master. As I said in my last post it started off as High Marshall Helbrecht of the Black Templars and has been converted to make an Astral Knight.

I tried to use NMM for all the metal, the gold very shiny and the silver less so. Having removed all the black Templar badges, I put the sword shield as his cloak clasp. I freehanded the Astral Knight chapter badge on his left shoulder, where I had scraped off the Templar symbol. This wasn't possible on the right shoulder due to the chains over the top. To fix this I tried to use the symbol on the cloak clasp shield as a background to tie it in.

The photo above shows the replacement backpack from the Dark Angels veterans pack. I used the sword from the ravenwing spruce and painted it to match the rest of the army. I had a go at doing OSL on the lamp, it's not terrible but I'm not sure it's great either so any advice would be very welcome.

Hopefully next time there will be some progress on the Landspeeder to report.

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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  1. Your freehand is coming along nicely. Great work on the Lava FX on the sword blade and the NMM gold is pretty solid too.