Competition on Muninn's Brush

Muninn's Brush is an excellent blog with some really nice conversions for RPG PCs.  Not only that but he is giving away an Inquisitor model.  All you have to do is post a comment in his post and you get an entry, (an extra entry if you publicize the comp on your blog).  So check out his blog and enter the comp.

WIP: Astral Knights Attack Bike.

Having pretty much finished painting the first batch of Astral Knight Bikers I decided to try a little bit of variety so I've built an Attack Bike to give them a bit of support. 

WIP: Astral Knight Bikers.

As promised I've tried to refocus on my Astral Knights Chapter and I've had a bit of a surge. I've very nearly finished three of the Bikers. Loads more pictures after the break.

Review: Ravenor Omnibus

I'll preface this with some context.  I love Science Fiction, Asimov, Banks, Herbert, Dick etc. However I've never read any of the 40k expanded universe stuff.  I think I'm inherently suspicious of a sci-fi writer who feels they have to write within a premade framework.  Sounds judgmental I know but that is always the way I have felt.