WIP: painting and modelling.

I've wanted to have a go at this idea since I started my Astral Knights and I've finally plucked up the courage to give it a try. Details and more pictures after the jump...

Showcase: Old School Ratling Snipers

Sorry for the lack of progress recently but I've finally got something new to show everyone.  These are my very old school Rat ling snipers. Lots more pictures after the jump.

Showcase: Old School Terminators

I had great fun renovating these very old school terminators. The models are over 15 years old but they scrubbed up well. Lots more pictures after the break.

Showcase: Astral Knights Landspeeder

Having blasted through my two deadzone factions I felt inspired to finish off my long suffering Landspeeder. It has Languished part painted for far too long so now you can see the 'finished' article.

Deadzone: the starter factions.

I backed the deadzone kick starter last year and, having received the first shipment of goodies just before Christmas, I have just finished the scenery and the two starter factions.

Legion Basilisk

Just seen this over in the new stuff section on the forgeworld site. Now I'm really tempted. If you love your marines but always had a hankering for a bit of imperial guard artillery action then this could be the tank for you. I love the look of it but I've no idea of the rules so if anyone has an idea if it's any good let me know...

Long time, no blog...

So I just realised how long it had been since my last post, but the end of term, getting married and Christmas have kept me happily distracted. That's not to say I haven't managed to get a bit of hobby done.