WIP: Biker bases and Witch Hunter.

First up a photo of the bases for the Biker Marines, I've kept them similar to the rest of the force but I tried to give the impression of the bikes leaving tracks in the dirt. 

WIP: Astral Knights bikers built.

Here are the pictures of the first three Astral Knights Bikers.  Loads more pictures after the break....


Whilst researching painted witch hunter models to give me some ideas for the next round of my local painting competition I came across the game of Mordheim.  It's a skirmish game based in the WFB world much like necromunder is to W40k.  You make a warband and fight skirmishes in the ruined city of Mordheim, find shards of warpstone and sell them to progress your warband.  Now the really interesting bit, the rules are completely free to download from the GW specialist games section.  Who would have thought it, free stuff from GW....  Loads more stuff after the break.