Nearly there: Astral Knights Librarian.

As I said last time I wasn't quite happy with the psychic bits of my Astral Knights librarian. The flames coming out of the book didn't look quite right and the shaft of his force stave was distinctly underwhelming. Having got some good advice from zab, here's my attempt to improve those areas...

WIP, I think: Astral Knights Librarian.

I've technically finished painting my old school librarian model but I'm not entirely happy with it and could possibly do with some advice on how to really make him pop. Loads more pictures after the break...

WIP: Astral Knights Librarian for painting competition.

I thought I'd share the progress so far on my Astral Knights librarian. Loads more pictures and details after the break...

WIP: Astral Knights Librarian

After my plea for help posing my old metal librarian model Zab and Ieuan came to the rescue with some great ideas. Read on for more details of how he's going...

Resurrecting the dead: redoing an old librarian.

Wish I could make mine look this good!

The painting competition at my local GW store has changed format slightly and now we are given a theme for each month rather than a particular model. Hopefully this will encourage more people to take part as they can tailor it to fit their own collection.  This month the theme is Wizard.

Showcase: D&D half elf ranger.

I've just finished the PCs for my D&D group so here is Morhir the half elf ranger. More details and pictures after the break...

Showcase: D&D Dragonborn Warlord

 Here is the finished Dragonborn Warlord. I think he definitely looks the part. The rich warm colours of his armour and cloak contrasting with the green skin.

Showcase: D&D gnome bard

 I was requested to do "outrageous" for the clothing of this gnome bard but I drew the line at purple top with a yellow sash.  I might come back to him at some point and do some freehand to jazz him up even more.

Showcase: D&D human paladin

Here are the photos of the finished human paladin for our plucky band of D&D adventurers. The model is from reaper minis and the base is made from cork, baked sculpey and sand. My friend asked for an almost anime feel to him hence the pure colours and sharp highlights. The armour was washed with a dark blue rather than black which has given an effect that I rather like.

WIP: D&D models

Having been inspired by all the PC models put up by muninn over on his excellent blog (he's currently finishing a mammoth "model a day for a month" session) I thought I would have a go at some for my group of friends as we belatedly embark on a 4th edition adventure.