Mercs Week on Beasts of War

I know that this blog has been almost exclusively GW centric up till now but Beasts of War are having a Mercs week and as part of this they are running a competition which is entered by putting the image above on your site.

Mercs looks like a really nice little game.  It uses an RPG game turn mechanism so you're not sat waiting for someonelse to go.  There are only 5 models per team so no huge army to buy and paint (the models are quite nice as well)

So do people play any other games than 40k/WFB?

10,000 page views...

Whilst I was away on holiday last week the page view counter clicked over that entirely arbitrary milestone of 10,000 page views.  I wanted to take a second to thank everybody who has taken the time to comment on or visit my little corner of the blogsphere. Looking back over the last  ten months it is clear that the focus of the blog has gradually changed.  I started it as a record of my attempt to paint and model my own Space marine chapter but I have become distracted by my local GW store's monthly painting competition.  This has really pushed my painting and modelling skills but I would like to achieve a balance in the future (time permitting) between the painting competition and Astral Knights.

So thanks once again to everybody and just out of interest what was your favourite post?

Painting Competition: Nurgle Lord/Guardsman 'little' Belwas WIP

I've completed the modelling for my Nurgle Lord and he looks nothing like a Nurgle Lord now.  From this point forth he will be called Guardsman 'little' Belwas (apologies to GoT fans but I couldn't resist). 

Showcase: Lamenters scout bike.

Here are the finished pictures of my Lamenters scout biker. Loads more  after the jump...