1st mock up of an Astral Knights Biker.

This is the first mock up of an astral knight biker that I have done.  Currently it is held together with blue tac...  I thought I would post it up to get feedback or any ideas before I finalise the set up and start the squad.  Lots more images and details after the break.

Bitz arrived and painting competition result...

As you can see from the photo above some more bits for my Astral Knights have arrived.  My camera phone seems to be playing up so you can't see everything but feel free to have fun guessing how the bits will be used.  I used two bits sites this time, 'bitz box' and 'let the dice decide', both provided an excellent service and I continue to be impressed by the companies in the miniature business.

Showcase: Chaos space marine aspiring champion

After all that effort here is the entry for the painting competition at my local GW store.  Loads more pictures after the break....

WIP: Chaos aspiring champion scenic base.

 As I've kept the model very standard I thought I would go all out on the base for my competition entry.  I've kept it quite dark and monochrome so as not to distract from the model.  Read on for more pictures and details of how I painted it...

WIP: Chaos aspiring champion part 3

I think I have finished the figure for my entry to my local GW stores painting competition.  Just the scenic base to go...

I thought people might like to see the finished miniature on it's own so here you go, lots of pictures.

Tutorial: How I painted the red on my chaos aspiring champion.

When I posted the WIP pictures for my Chaos aspiring champion I was asked how I did the red on the model. So here is a tutorial for how I did it.

WIP: Chaos aspiring champion part 2

I am in awe of anybody who has painted an entire chaos space marine army.  If this model is anything to go by they are so detailed and filled with bits that you just have to do justice to that it would take forever.

That's my way of excusing my really slow progress with this guy. 

New stuff has arrived

A lovely package deposited itself on my doorstep the other morning which means it will soon be full steam ahead with two projects.

Firstly this arrived which will be used to make the scenic base for my Chaos aspiring champion which is for my local GW store's painting competition.

Secondly the package contained this box which will form the basis of the next stage of my Astral Knights.  I just have to get all the bits to convert them from Ravenwing to Astral Knights.  (For my ideas on this check out my post here).

Look out next time for an update on my painting competition entry.....