WIP: Astral Knight Bikers.

As promised I've tried to refocus on my Astral Knights Chapter and I've had a bit of a surge. I've very nearly finished three of the Bikers. Loads more pictures after the break.

Biker number one.  You may spot that they continue the chapter markings from other two squads in that they have a personal 'coat of arms' consisting of a geometric design in the chapter colours of dark blue and white.  In the case of the bikers they are individual rather than squad based to reflect their more senior status. The design is seen on the right shoulder pad and on the mini shield on the front armour. This biker has a horizontal bisection, blue over white.

Biker number two.  His heraldry is a diagonal bisection, again blue over white.  I went with gold for the wings at the front of the bike to match the gold on the marines' chests. 

Biker number three. No robes on this one to give a bit of variety and a quartered design for him.  The helmets on these were painted silver to increase the knightly look.  I was going to go for white to match the sergeant but I couldn't face doing that three times so I may have to go back and redo him silver. 

You can just make out the second company markings on the bottom of the shoulder pad in the shot above, they all have it but it's hard to see in the photos.

I'm really happy with how they are going but there are a couple of things that I want to finish off at some point.  Firstly they need banners from the poles at the back of the bikes.  I would like to try and put some detail on the banners on the lances preferably in white to make them stand out a bit.  Finally what do people think about the all blue bikes?  Should I try to do some freehand in white on the front wheel guards? 

For details of the conversion work that has gone into these guys check out this post.

As always any questions or comments are very welcome, especially if you have a tips for how to give these guys some finishing touches.


  1. Looks like you're putting your new skills from the painting competitions to good use. Those look great.

  2. cheers Zab, I think the painting comp has really helped but I find myself having to consciously restrict stuff to table top standard rather than go all out as it would take me far to long to paint a unit.

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  4. I think if you put the heraldry on the front fenders it would look pretty cool and/or painting the trim on the bike white.

  5. I forget to say, they look really good man, AMD its good to see the knights back on the blog.

    1. Cheers James, I'm going to try the banners first but I have sneaking suspicion that I agree with you and I'm going to have to try some freehand on the front wheel covers. Ps like your first piece of commission work very nice.

    2. Thanks Rob I really appreciate it, I've just posted a WIP of ragnar Blackmane, its nearly finished with the backpack needing some final highlights. I've got some fantasy HQs on the way as my next commissionsi I'm super looking forward to those as I'm a fantasy virgin so to speak so keep an eye out.

      I'm looking forward to seeing your finished bikes. :-)