Magnetizing the heavy weapons on an Attack Bike.

I decided to try and magnetise the heavy weapon load out on my Attack Bike.  Heavy Bolter for infantry or Multi Melta for armour.  All the details after the jump...

Firstly I sourced some small rare earth magnets from a local games shop.  Ieuan over at Sons of Isis put me on to Eclectic Games in Reading, it's a fantastic little shop with an amazing range of games and a decent stock of modelling stuff.  Having got hold of a pack I played around with various ways of doing it until settling on magnetizing the joint between the gunners hands and the guns.  I cut back the plastic to allow room for the magnet between the gunners hands and cut back the bottom of the gun so the magnet would be level with where the original surface would have been. I then tried to angle them correctly so that the guns rested on the support rail correctly.

Having done all that I super glued the magnets in place.  At this point please check that you have the polarity correct as it would not be fun to have repelling weapons. 

When I put the MM in place it was at the wrong angle, it pointed more skywards than forward (obviously I didn't check carefully enough). So I put a wedge of plastic, cut from a sprue, onto the MM magnet.  This didn't stop the magnets sticking together as they are so strong but did correct the angle issue.  You can see it in the photo below.

So here are the results.  You can see that despite my best efforts the clamp on the bottom of the weapons doesn't rest perfectly on the support rail but I'm happy enough with the job.

Does anybody have any hints or tips for using magnets?  I'll put a full photo dump of the Attack Bike next time.  As always any comments are very welcome.

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