WIP: Astral Knights Attack Bike nearly Finished.

Here are the pictures of how far my Astral Knights Attack Bike has got.  It's at the same stage as the rest of my bikers as the aim is to try and do banners/freehand all at the same time.  Loads more pictures after the jump...

No your eyes don't deceive you it is just one attack bike but the weapons options are magnetized.  See my last post for details of how I did it.

This Biker has a vertical bisection with white on the left for his personal heraldry.  I didn't put a plume on the gunners helmet as I imagine he will be a lesser member of the biker units, still earning his stripes.

As always feel free to leave any comments or questions below...


  1. These bikes are looking awesome Rob, I love how you have used the magnets. It's such a good way to maximise your models to get the best out of them. Cheers for the shout out too sir!

    1. Cheers Ieuan, there are three more nearly finished so it should look pretty cool when they're all done. The magnets were good fun and I might have to go all out on the landspeeder...
      No problem with the shout out, it's a fab little store and deserves the exposure. I'm always tempted by so many games when I'm in there.

    2. I'm tempted by the disc world games and the Victorian/steam punk gentleman game that I can't remember the name of!