Going Old School: Retro models.

I really enjoyed the process of stripping, remodeling and repainting my old librarian figure and it's inspired me to add a retro element to my astral knights army.

So I dug around in my old stuff and found some 2nd edition devastators. I've stripped the paint off them and removed the old backpacks and left arms which I'm hoping to replace with more modern parts. I also picked up the sergeant model from eBay as he seemed so much more fitting than one holding a melee weapon. All that's left now is some pinning, basing and painting...

What's your favourite retro model and can you imagine fielding them in a modern army?


  1. RT era Dreadnaught. Just got one off ebay - very excited!

  2. Good call, might have a treat coming up for you if you're a fan of old school dreads...

    1. ~sigh~ I wish I hadn't sold off all my old stuff way back in the day. Damn you eBay! Damn you.