Going Old School: Turning 2nd into 6th.

I needed to turn my oh so retro 2nd edition devastators into believable members of my 6th edition Astral Knights army. So this is what I did...

First thing was to try and stop the bodies looking so uniform. If you look closely you can see that I only have two different bodies between four miniatures.

I used a left over crotch flag from a tactical sprue on one and the dark angel fabric covered shoulder pad on another. The lascannon marine got a scanner to hold and they were all given modern shoulder pads and backpacks.

Next challenge was to turn them into Astral Knights. My standard head swap for the crusader helmet was out as they're made of metal and I thought helmet plumes just wouldn't look right. I finally settled on putting the small pauldron shields from Grey Knights on the side of a couple of the heavy weapons and giving the sergeant a dark angel backpack.

So here are my retro devestators based and base coated and ready for some paint.  What do you think, was I successful or are there any ideas I've missed?

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below...

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