I'm Back: Terminator WIP

Well I'm back after a little break from my blog. The end of term and hot weather don't contribute to a good painting rate, but I've got a lot of terminators old and new to show you.

I have to thank the kids in my form for getting me some Deathwing Knights as a leaving present. Sometimes you'd even think they like their teachers...

First I had to adapt the Deathwing Knights to fit with my Astral Knights. So can I introduce the Astral Knights: Order of Angelus. The pinnacle of the first company, they have the greatest swords made by the armourer of the Astral Knights.

The robed angels that cover the models can now be left well alone as they represent the heraldry of the order... Very convenient that! The maces were removed and replaced with the ravenwing swords, the shape of the tip gives them a unique look and more weight than normal power swords. I used grey knight paladin helmets to stress the knightly look rather than the monastic hooded heads of the originals. One model had the robed head as part of the body, which took a lot of drilling and cutting out, but I think it was worth it. The Knight master had to be differentiated from the rest so I used the huge sword from the Deathwing sergeant.  I think they look really imposing and I can't wait to see them deep strike in, in their fortress of shields .

As a contrast to the shiny new Deathwing Knights I stripped off some old 2nd edition Deathwing terminators, rebased them and added some grey knight pauldron shields to fit them in with the Astral knights aesthetic.

I did notice the GW inflation when comparing these models with the new terminators and I'm not talking about the prices. The older models are smaller in every way, body and weapons.

Hopefully this will make quite an imposing sight when all painted up...

So do you prefer the new or old models?  As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below...


  1. I like them both for different reasons. I've recently got a touch of nostalgia. I scored a Mk1 rt era dread, an old rangnar blackmane and an old and rare Mk1 suit of terminator armour - just to name a few things. Of course I have a few projects to get to before all that, but the metal will keep.

  2. I agree, I love the detail and posing of the new terminators but there is something great about the old slightly squished looking ones.

  3. These models look awesome! Wish I could be half as creative

  4. Thanks so much Mark, you are too kind. I wish I could claim the creativity was all me but it's lots of research, of stealing ideas, etc...

  5. Rob! It looks like finally I can post on others Blogs this evening :-/ loving the mix of terminators mate, I'm wondering if I may have a mini that would interest you? Was a librarian conversion I was working on but going spare now. I'll put a picture up at some point.

    I got my invoice for DeadZone, bit of a shock as I wasn't expecting it until October. We'll have to have a game!

  6. Great to hear from you again ieuan!
    I'm always interested in unusual models so that would be fab. I haven't got my invoice yet, I hear they have over 4000 to work through, but will definitely be up for a game when the stuff arrives.