Deadzone: the starter factions.

I backed the deadzone kick starter last year and, having received the first shipment of goodies just before Christmas, I have just finished the scenery and the two starter factions.

As these aren't my beloved Astral Knights I decided to try out some alternative, quicker painting styles. First up the scenery

If you look at my previous but one post you can see that I did this using just two cheap spray colours. The lamps, boxes crates and barrels were painted quick and dirty using washes and drybrushing. It's not going to win any awards but it is effective and it's very quick and easy. I might add some spot colours and weathering using a trick from Ieuans blog combat doctrine.

Next came the plague models. They were sprayed white and then most of the colours were put in place using washes and drybrushing. The bigger models had virtually no traditional painting, the smaller ones had the weapons and clothing given a base coat of the appropriate colour and then just a single wash.

The final bits so far were the enforcers. They were undercoated in black and then drybrushed in three successively lighter shades of blue, getting more selective about the placement to give the impression of light falling on the upper surfaces. They were then washed with black and the details picked out. Weapons in silver, eyes orange and a squad marking in yellow on one shoulder.

The first picture shows a WIP, the second one shows the finished squad.

I found it quite liberating to paint whole squads in a couple of evenings. The standard isn't great but they look ok for the amount of time invested. I was even inspired to return to my Astral Knights and I've just finished my long postponed landspeeder. I hope to show you that soon along with some up close shots of the two factions for deadzone.

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