Showcase: Astral Knights Landspeeder

Having blasted through my two deadzone factions I felt inspired to finish off my long suffering Landspeeder. It has Languished part painted for far too long so now you can see the 'finished' article.

All that needed doing were the highlighting, white sections, freehand symbols and search light. Doesn't sound like much but there are 4 chapter badges on there to do and I need to plan more carefully next time as the ones on the rear white sections were a pig with the wings in the way.

You may have noticed the various weapon load outs resulting from magnetizing both the gunners and underslung weapons. I have magnetized the doors so they can be replaced with the missile launcher pods, but I haven't quite finished (or actually started) those yet.

So what do you think? This brings me up to 1000 points fully painted and I've still got two 5 man squads of terminators to go.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. I love the magnetized versatility! The paint scheme works nicely too with the white and red breaking up all that blue.

    1. Thanks zab. I tried to balance the colours in the same way as on the marines so it should fit in with the rest of the force. Just got to decide on the colours for the missile pods now.