Showcase: Old School Ratling Snipers

Sorry for the lack of progress recently but I've finally got something new to show everyone.  These are my very old school Rat ling snipers. Lots more pictures after the jump.

I'm really pleased with the bases, they are baked sculpey broken up with sand in the corners.

First up is bandana boy. The chequered hat was an interesting challenge. I painted it pallid wych flesh then used crimson wash to do the red lines.

Here's Noddy Holder (thanks Ieuan for pointing this one out)

You've got to have a pointing sergeant in a sniper squad.

And finally the last two chaps.

Hopefully I'll have some more interesting things to show you soon so stay tuned...

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. Oh man you are killing me with all this old school fun!

  2. Glad to be of service... Next up will be some more modern stuff I'm afraid!

  3. Randomly Ive just aquired three of these guys, didn't realise they came in a squad of 5. Love the paint job!

  4. They're great little old models and a whole squad of them is a terrifying thing to behold!