Showcase: Old School Terminators

I had great fun renovating these very old school terminators. The models are over 15 years old but they scrubbed up well. Lots more pictures after the break.

These were originally deathwing terminator models, hence the proliferation of sword icons on them. I had to get rid of a few feathers but that wasn't took difficult.  They are solid metal so very heavy and the poses are a bit restricted to say the least. The detail isn't too bad but they were a little bit dented round the edges, I'm going to pretend that it is just some battle damage...

As with all my elite units the helmets are silver and each model has it's own personal heraldry rather than a squad based one.

The sergeant was given a reverse chapter icon on his shield and the sword was done in the familiar lava/lightning type style. I haven't done a banner yet, I think I need a bit more motivation before attempting a freehand that big again.

The rest of the squad had pauldron shields added to try and make them look a bit more up to date but the pose and small size is an easy giveaway that these models are from the early 90s at the latest.

I hope everyone likes these guys as I have a real soft spot for models I bought in my teenage years. Next up some progress on my converted deathwing knights and some ratling snipers.

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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