WIP: Chapter Master counts as Sammael.

As promised, a little while ago, my Chapter Master's mechanical horse now has wings making it a mechanical Pegasus... More after the jump.

From the front view above you can see the twin linked storm bolters and plasma gun mounted on the front carapace so that it fits with Sammael's jetbike.  The stormbolters also act as mounting points for the wings which I think were from Scibor but I'm not sure.

The horse is a little small I feel and it's mass is a bit overwhelmed by the power armoured rider but the wings have helped with this, giving the model real presence.

Since these photos were taken I have put a little bit more detail into the model and I think there is some greenstuff that is needed in some areas but it's getting there.
If you are thinking that this is all I have managed since my last post don't worry. I've made some progress on my Astral Knights terminators, very nearly painted a complete Space Hulk set and started work on a Malifaux crew.  Hopefully I'll be able to put some photos of those up soon.
As always any comments or questions gratefully received. 


  1. Hey now, flying robot horse?! Awesome. You should paint it like princess celestia, I mean nightmare moon, I mean not a my little pony o.O

    1. Yeah I was going to dig out the pastel colour paints and go for a lovely pink hue!

  2. Where did you get those wings?