Showcase: Charity Marine

So it's been a little while since I last posted and I haven't been entirely idle.  I've been working on lots of Astral Knights and I've nearly finished my Space Hulk set. However, this post is dedicated to a model that I painted for a charity army. More details and pictures after the jump

I was invited to paint an Ultramarine for a group that is putting together an entire company to auction for cancer research.  The army will be auctioned on ebay and all the money will go to the charity.   Everyone is painting one model so in total we have over one hundred people taking part, it's quite the logistical nightmare.

I was assigned the heavy weapon guy from tactical squad 5 I decided to go with plasma as it's visually interesting and to try and add some dynamic quality to the model I put it on running legs.  It's nice to see a heavy weapon marine with something other than a stand and shoot pose.

This was my first time using transfers and they seemed to go on ok.  I used 'ard coat before and after the transfer was put on the model and the lahmian medium to matt it down afterwards.

Sorry about the uncropped images but I'm trying to learn how to use my new DSLR camera and image software.  These photos are completely unmanipulated and I'm pretty happy with them, just got to master the sofeware.

As always comments and questions welcome, and hopefully I'll put up some more soon.

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