It's going to be EPIC

I was really inspired by the amazing work in 6mm scale done by 40k hobby blog (check it out in the blog feed) so I thought I would give it a go. He's painted up some incredible looking SoH and world eater models. After some careful sniping on EBay I managed to get the collection seen above. The tanks were still on sprue and the thunderhawk gunship was in pieces. That was when I remembered how much I hated making metal models.

Some careful scraping, judicious use of green stuff and fingers stuck together with superglue and the gunship went together without too much swearing. The tanks were of course very simple. You can't beat an epic scale rhino...

Now I just have to decide on paint scheme. I'm thinking Red Scorpions so I can use them as an amazing backdrop to my new primaris marines in photos.

As always any questions and comments are very welcome.

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