Microset and Microsol

These just arrived so I can start putting some transfers on my Red Scorpions Primaris Marines. I've never used them before so any advice is more than welcome. 


  1. I'm no expert but be careful after you've applied the Sol. It will loosen the decal and you can easily slide it out of place after you've just spent 10 minutes getting it right! I press firmly with a paper towel after the decal is softened to ensure it settles into all the uneven surfaces but again be careful because they tear very easily in this state. There's probably a ton of advice and tutorials on Youtube.

  2. Oh yeah, put the lid back on! Knocking over an opened bottle is not fun and it stinks!

  3. Thanks for the tips, monkeychuka. I just couldn't face freehanding all those complicated chapter badges like you did.

    1. haha thanks. I couldn't face it in the end either and bought the Forgeworld decal sheet for the rest of the vehicles. I assume you have too. They're really good.