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I've started this blog to try and keep track of a new project.  I want to create a DIY chapter to represent the Astral Knights as briefly described in the codex space marines.  For those not familiar with them the fluff can be found here:

First I had to come up with a chapter symbol and a colour scheme. Having looked around and thought about the name and image I wanted, my ideas were as follows:

Chapter Symbol.
I got this from the chapter name and some common themes from other chapters. My current plan is to use a vertical sword in front of a geometric star design.  The star obviously comes from astral (see astral claws) and the sword seemed quite knightly and is common among chapter symbols (dark angels et al).

Colour Scheme.
This took a bit more thought but having played with an online space marine painter and having looked around at other colour schemes I came up with this:

Silver for the upper legs, inner body, arms and lower backpack.
Dark Blue for the lower legs, hands, upper body, upper backpack, shoulder pad edges, head and chapter badge.

White for shoulder pads

Gold/brass for chest eagle

Red for Boltgun.

I have to admit a lot of inspiration came from the Stormwardens colour scheme I saw on From The Warp  which is very similar in concept but almost in reverse for standard marines.  The idea was to get the look of a knight in 'metal' armour whilst getting across the astral part in the dark/midnight blue and white.

So with all the colours and images sorted it just remained to see if it looked any good, so a trip to my local store and the bits and paints aquired here goes my first space marine in over ten years.  I'll post the pictures for constructive criticism as soon as possible.

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