First attempt at an Astral Knights colour scheme.

As promised here are the initial images of my first Astral Knight space marine.  Please forgive the quality, both because he is the first miniature I've painted in ten years and the photos were taken on a camera phone. I'll let you look at the images and then I'll describe the painting process. My thoughts on it's success will have to wait for the next post.

First I undercoated in black, then went in and did the inner detail.  The eyes were done in mephiston red with an orange highlight at the front, a wash of Agrax earthshade and a white dot at the back to make them look reflective.  The joints were done in grey (mixed from black and white as i didn't have any handy) the washed in nuln oil.
Having got the inner detail sorted I did the inner armour next, a coat of mithril silver (old paints) and two washes of nuln oil to darken it down.  The outer, blue, armour was given a coat of Kantor blue, a wash of Drakenhof nightshade and was then highlighted up to Altdorf guard blue.  I tried to do a zenithal approach using wetblending to do the highlights finishing with a line highlight if necessary in certain places. 
With the main armour finished the chest eagle was basecoated in XV-88 and then Balthazar gold, with a wash of Agrax earthshade.  The shoulder pads were done in white with Nuln oil applied round the edges and the chapter badge was freehanded in Kantor blue.
The base was just given a coat of XV-88 as I haven't decided on a basing theme yet and this is just a test model.

So there it is. First space marine in ten years.  Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated and next time I'll give my thoughts on the colour scheme and paint job.

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