Evaluation of my first Astral Knights colour scheme.

So having painted my first Astral Knight what do I think of the colour scheme?

Positives first.  I think it looks really good, the blue is nice and dark just like I wanted, I feel that the 'inner' armour in silver does give it a knightly look and the white shoulder pads make the model standout on a battle field (no camoflage for knights!). 

Negatives next. 
1. The blue is a bit muted, i'd like to highlight it a little bit more but i'm worried about making it to bright and not midnight/astral enough.
2. The silver is too dark and textured, it gets lost on the model and is only obvious up close.
3. The white shoulder pads didn't go very well, the paint didn't go over the black basecoat very nicely so it looks too textured and the wash of nuln oil around the edges isn't neat enough.
4. Does he look too much like an Ultramarine?

Another test model....
I'm going to be braver with my highlights on the blue but try to make it more saturated and less pastel to avoid losing the 'dark' look of the blue.
I still struggle to get smooth silver paint on the model but I'm going to try just one wash of nuln oil and highlight in the original colour to give it a bit brighter finish.
The white can be sorted easily, I was being an idiot and using a layer paint to put white over black, DOH!.  Next time I'll try a thinned base paint and see if that helps.
Finally, having chatted to my local store guys who agreed that he looked a little bit Ultramarine, they suggested I try yellow for the shoulder pads....

When I've painted the second test model I'll put him up for review as well, but until then please give any advice that you can on the current issues.

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