Finished Sniper Scout Squad

Here are the pictures of my finished scout squad.

Kneeling cloaked sniper.


Standing cloaked sniper.


'At ease' scout and missile launcher scout. For more pictures of these two see here.

I'm really pleased with how they have come out so I hope you like them.

Please feel free to leave any comments, hints or questions.


  1. Rob,

    You've done a stellar job on these scouts!

    Seriously great stuff, they look awesome and the cammo is amazing!

  2. Thanks Ieuan, I'm really happy with them!

    I took some WIP photos whilst doing the cammo so I'll put up a tutorial post soon. It was actually surprisingly easy and quick and I think the technique would work really well with your colour scheme if you ever do any scouts!

  3. Nice! I'll be looking out for that mate, I have a unit of scouts but nowhere near as elaborate as yours, mine are just plain!

    Might try some camo on a vehicle though, I wonder if it'll scale up well?

  4. Not sure if it will scale up to vehicles, Ieuan, as I've never tried it but I'm sure some of the ideas would still apply. The tutorial should be up now so let me know what you think.