Ideas for painting camouflage cloaks

As you may have seen from my recent posts I am part way through painting a sniper scout squad for my astral knights chapter. I'm happily plugging away through the armour, fatigues, details etc but I am starting to worry about the cloaks.

I want to do them in a camouflage pattern but I'm not sure how to do this.  Normally I would paint a cloak by basing it in a dark colour and using one of two methods to give it definition. 

Method 1:  Wet blending.  This can be time consuming but creates lovely gradual changes of colour to give depth and definition. Here is an example from the back of my sergeant's banner.

Method 2: Layering, this is often easier and quicker than wet blending but doesn't give such smooth transitions from one colour to the next.

The Problem.

I can't use these methods with camouflage patterns.  As the cloak changes colour you can't highlight along the folds without destroying the pattern.

These are the looks I am  going for.   All these images are other peoples work that I've found on the Internet.

This one looks amazing, the digital camo pattern is stunning and there is even good definition into the folds.  I'm assuming that the pattern must have been painted on and then the shadows put in afterwards.

This is very effective and if Ron at from the warp is to be believed is very easy to do, there is a tutorial here.  He has shaded the cloak using washes and layering first and then used thinned paints and washes to give a suggestion of camouflage afterwards.

These last two images are included more as a guide for myself in terms of colours, I think that using the varied blues and greys of my armour colour scheme would give an interesting camo scheme whilst still tying the scouts to the rest of the army in way that green wouldn't.

So it looks like I'm left with a difficult choice. Do I try to paint on the camo pattern on first and then use washes etc to put the shadows into the folds, or do I put the definition in first and then go for a more subtle camo pattern using thinned paint etc over the top?

Does anyone have any experience in this area? Can they suggest a best method?  Please feel free to leave comments, hints and tips.

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