Heroquest: The Heros

A while ago Ron at 'From The Warp' did a post that suggested that the best way to improve your painting was to to do something different.  I thoroughly agreed with him and wanted to share the 'something different' that I tried. 

If you want variety and small enough numbers not to get bored whilst still achieving something then you can't beat a board game.  I chose the classic dungeon crawler 'Heroquest'.  This, if I remember correctly, was a late eighties/early nineties tie up between MB games and Games Workshop. I bought a complete but unpainted copy off ebay for a very reasonable sum and went to it.

I used a very limited palate of colours as that was all I had around at the time but I think this kind of suits a board game set. All the different shades are done by highlighting up with either yellow/white or bleached bone to provide rich/pastel or faded effects.

Any way here are the Heros...

The Barbarian

The Elf

The Dwarf

The Wizard

As you can see the sculpts aren't great (they were produced 20 years ago after all) and my painting is a bit basic in places but I learnt to improve from these guys so I'm proud of them none the less.

Next up the Orcs.....

Do you have any tips for improving your painting or a guilty retro gaming pleasure.  If so please feel free to leave comments below.


  1. Nice work Rob!

    I never did play hero quest unfortunately

    The barbarian looks like he man!

  2. Cheers ieuan
    The game play is really simple as it was designed for kids but it's diverting enough and the missions build up nicely.

    He's definitely more He man than prince Adam....