Photography:Using Photo Software

In the last post I asked if anybody knew of cheap image manipulation software.  You can imagine that I felt a bit of a wally when I realised that the basic windows photo viewer had all the functionality that I required to smarten up my photos.  Here are a couple of comparisons to show the difference ten seconds work can make.

First my Scout Sergeant:

Next my Wood Elf Hero with great weapon:

Hopefully the two main benefits are clear, the cropping on the scout sergeant makes a huge difference to the composition of the picture.  In both you can see the subtle change brought by cooling the colour temperature of the whole photo.  They have lost the 'yellow' look you get from artificial light and the colours look more natural.

So what do people think?  Is it worth doing and what do you do with your photos.  Any comments, tips or questions are welcome below. 

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