Showcase: Wood Elf Hero with Great Weapon

I know I said that my next post would be a comparison of the before and after photographs using my new light box and long suffering other half's camera but something much better has been finished for their first outing.

I have taken my own advice and had a go at painting something completely different.  It was very refreshing to go into my local GW store and just browse for something that I fancied painting.  I picked this wood elf, and it doesn't get much more different than this.  All that flowing cloth, tiny detail and shiny armour.  He's certainly not a space marine. 

To challenge myself even more I tried to use NMM (non metallic metal) techniques.  I found the this tutorial from watching paint dry really useful.

So please enjoy my most recent efforts and I hope that the new photography is an improvement.

I used the GW studio model as a guide and here is a picture of it for comparison.  (image courtesy of GW)

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or questions below.


  1. Wow Rob!

    This is an amazing paint job, truly excellent. The photo quality is brilliant too, good work on the light box. I thought you could paint well before mate but this has blown me away!

    Oh and I forgot to say I'm from near Oxford

  2. Thanks so much ieuan.
    I'm so proud of this one. Everything just seemed to come together, all the bits I've learnt have paid off. Still lots to work on but it's so encouraging to hear such positive feedback.
    Oxford's not far at all so we'll have face off, isis vs astral, when I have more than two squads. Might take a while at my slow rate though!
    Cheers Rob.