Whilst researching painted witch hunter models to give me some ideas for the next round of my local painting competition I came across the game of Mordheim.  It's a skirmish game based in the WFB world much like necromunder is to W40k.  You make a warband and fight skirmishes in the ruined city of Mordheim, find shards of warpstone and sell them to progress your warband.  Now the really interesting bit, the rules are completely free to download from the GW specialist games section.  Who would have thought it, free stuff from GW....  Loads more stuff after the break.
GW still sell all the warbands as boxed sets and some individual models but I reckon I can do a lot better from the WFB range.  This is the GW boxed effort.  (All images courtesy of GW)

It's not too bad but the sculpts are showing their age and the warhound is far too cartoony.  The warband must consist of a witch hunter captain, 0-3 witchhunters, a warrior priest of sigmar, flagellants, zealots and warhounds up to a maximum of 12 models. 

The witchhunter captain is an obvious choice as I am painting the empire witchhunter for the painting competition.  He looks suitably mysterious and experienced to lead a warband of witchhunters.


The other witchhunter models have proved a little bit more tricky.  With a little work the 40k inquisitor would make an excellent lesser witchhunter, all dark, broody and very atmospheric.  I particularly like the pistol/torch.

This Empire captain would make a much more flamboyant witchhunter and contrast nicely with the 40k version.


This warrior priest from WFB would be great.

The flagellants could come from the WFB boxed set as these sculpts have loads of detail and character.

This just leaves the zealots and warhounds, the zealots I'm not too bothered about but maybe some empire militia would work.  The warhounds, on the other hand, I feel are vital to give the right atmosphere to the warband but GW don't seem to make the right kind of thing at the moment.  The fenrisian wolves just look wrong and are far too big. 

So does anybody have any ideas for warhounds, or any experience with Mordheim?

As always please feel free to leave any comments, tips or questions below. 


  1. Have you considered using the Chaos Warhounds as a base for the Warhounds?

  2. I hadn't spotted those, good shout! With a bit of work they might be perfect. Cheers.

  3. Hi there Rob

    This is Alasdair from, I saw your comment on my post

    I think everything you have posted is great, I have always thought that inquisitor would make a good witch hunter!

    Something to consider for the hounds is defenitely the hounds of orion. You can buy them seperate from the King of the Woods set as metal models from

    These are pretty much perfect. Lovely little models too.

  4. Cheers Alasdair, they look perfect, it says they're no longer available but I might try anyway.