WIP: Biker bases and Witch Hunter.

First up a photo of the bases for the Biker Marines, I've kept them similar to the rest of the force but I tried to give the impression of the bikes leaving tracks in the dirt. 

I put a thin layer of Greenstuff over the back half and then ran the wheel from one of the bikes over it to leave the indentation (you might want to do this before assembling your bikes to reduce risk of damage).  The base was then PVA'd and sanded as normal, I left the tracks free from glue and sand to make the tracks clearer.

In other news I'm starting work on the next painting competition miniature.  The finecast was a pig to work with this time, it felt as if the two halves of the cast had been misaligned by a mm or two.... hence lots of careful trimming to sort it out.  There isn't much opportunity for conversions on the model but I was thinking of extending the gun barrel to make his weapon look more impressive.  Below are the two extremes of what is possible, I'm thinking of somewhere in between the two.  What do people think?

Some of you may remember my last entry in my local painting competition, see here, well I also entered it in an online competition over at Standard Template Construct.  There are 5 days left of voting and I'm up to fourth, I think, so please head on over to the bog and place your vote on whichever model you like the most.


  1. Bummer about the F-cast. That stuff is aggravatingly inconsistent. I like the bigger barrel, but over kill is kind of a thing o' mine.

  2. I agree with the inconsistency thing Zab, the last one i did was great, barely needed cleaning up. I think I like the bigger barrel too, it seems to visually balance the model up a bit, lots of straight lines drawing your eyes into the center...

  3. I'm really not a fan of finecast, I had a necron with a staff. Had to straighten it which was fine.

    Months later it bent back, so I straightened it again but it snapped off.

    Excellent work on the bike bases though man!