WIP: Astral Knights bikers built.

Here are the pictures of the first three Astral Knights Bikers.  Loads more pictures after the break....

I've tried to get as much variety in as possible, as space marine bikers can get very monotonous.  So every biker has a different handlebar cowling, minishield, torso, head, helmet flower backpack and lance. There are also two types of legs and a number of accessories on the back of the bike to set them apart.

I think this guy may get a little bit of ribbing from the others over his slightly camper than necessary helmet flower.

They were quite rewarding to put together, there were lots of simple but satisfying conversions.  The lance arms were swapped just below the elbow joint which gives them an interesting variety in the forearm.  The Ravenwing handlebar cowlings needed some work, the wings around the sword were removed from one and the light was swapped with a searchlight from the landspeeder on another.

The greenstuff round the helmet plumes is a simple but effective way of making them look official.

Finally all three together ready for basing and painting.

As always any comments, tips or questions are very welcome......


  1. Very nice conversions! I can't wait to see them painted up.

  2. Cheers Zab. I'm working on the witchhunter for the next round of my local painting competition as well so I'll try and put some details of that ASAP.

  3. This is looking like an awesome unit! These need to be painted now!

    Are you staying with the three? They look so cool a whole force like this would be so good and really different

  4. Thanks ieuan! I'll try to get them painted asap. There's at least another three to come as I've got the ravenwing boxed set, the attack bike and landspeeder should be interesting too!
    cheers Rob.