Showcase: retro devastator sergeant.

 Here's the first of the finished models from my very retro 2nd edition devastator squad. More pictures below...

As he is a one piece metal mini there was very little that I could do to modernise him. I restricted myself to giving him a Dark Angel backpack with a sword on it to tie him in with the Astral Knights.

You can see in the photo below that I made the squad a third company squad. Have fun spotting the III on the rest of them as it's dotted all over the place.

I'll explain the squad heraldry when we get to the next mini as it's not clear on this one.

"they're over there, you idiots"

The rest of the squad will follow shortly but please feel free to add any comments or questions below...


  1. Great job on the flesh tone!

  2. Cheers zab. It made a nice change as normally my sergeants have their helmets on like nice sensible space marines should.

  3. That is some cracking skin tone work Rob as Zab said, what's the recipe?

    Does anyone else see a resemblance in this miniature and the old 80's blood bowl human throwers?

  4. Cheers ieuan. The skin is very simple.
    Base coat of kislev flesh
    Wash of reikland fleshtone.
    Agrax earthshade painted into the recesses.
    Highlighted with a mix of kislev flesh and white.

    I'll try and do a tutorial the next time I paint one.