WIP: A little bit more progress on the devastators.

Having just started a new job means slow progress on my retro devastator squad. However I've managed to get the red on the weapons,  along with some of the details done.

I'm pretty happy about how they're going but I'm keeping one of my modern tactical squad to hand to keep them looking similar.

I'm not sure what to do about the power coil section of the plasma cannon? Do I go for a bright colour and a bit of OSL and if so which colour?

As always any comments or questions are more than welcome.


  1. Yes to OSL and a turquoise works nicely with the blue and red. One more toward the green side of things. Like to tone I used on my base for Vandella from SDE. Yay for the new job - boo for having to prove your worth all over again. It's my least favorite part of any new job.

  2. That's what I thought zab but always good to have independent verification. We'll see how it goes, both the job and the OSL ...