WIP: Astral Knights Standard Bearer.

 Next month's painting competition for my local GW store is themed 'standard bearer' so I thought I would practice my greenstuff skills and have a go at converting an old Dark Angel model to fit with my Astral Knights. More details and photos below...

After I had stripped the paint off the model I needed to get rid of the DA symbol hanging round his neck. I scraped off the wings around the sword (managing to cut myself in the process, don't you just love working with metal?). Then sculpted the Astral Knights star in place. Voila one change of chapter.

The banner pole was extended by drilling down it, putting some wire in and then building up with greenstuff, a pauldron shield and a wheel hub on the back. The chains are from the empire flagelants set and the banner itself is just a thin sheet of greenstuff.

All that's left is the left arm, I'm thinking simple bolt pistol as I don't think it needs anything more elaborate. I might put some purity seals on the banner when it's cured.

My tongue in cheek entry to last month's didn't win. It lost to an amazing nurgle daemon thing that actually looked scarey.

As always any comments or suggestions are gratefully accepted below...


  1. Nice conversion work, and that first shot made me laugh. "I claim this cupcake in the name of the Astral Knights!!! Now eat sugar packed sweets and die of obesity or possibly complications due to diabetes at some point in the future you heretic scum!"

  2. Cheers zab. I chuckled when I saw the photo as well. I had to use the warhammer widows glass surface protector for a smooth surface to roll the greenstuff out on. Doesn't really evoke the grim dark future though...