WIP: Ratling Sniper Bases.

I got a little bit distracted by my new toys whilst I was supposed to be painting up my standard bearer.  Having seen some of the amazing bases that James Wappell produces I wanted to have a go at something special for my little snipers.

The white stuff is baked sculpey that has been broken up. I made small wall sections to give the impression that they were scouting through ruins. The rubble is just broken up cork and then sand. I can't wait to start painting the vertically challenged chaps.

As always comments and questions are very welcome...


  1. Nice work. I'll have to try the scuplty thing too now that i am trying new mediums. The aves apoxie sculpt was fun.

  2. It's great stuff, just roll it out, bake it in the oven and break it up into small pieces. Hey presto perfect bits for making bases and scenery. It also cuts up really nicely after baking so you can carve designs into it.