WIP: Astral Knights standard bearer.

Being the chicken I am I've painted the figure before I attempt the free hand banner. More pictures below...

I've tried to keep the model quite dark and plain to show off the (hopefully amazing) freehand banner.

In the photo above you can more clearly see the chapter symbol that I sculpted onto his chest to replace the Dark Angels one.

So I'm just left with a massive freehand design to do from scratch. The biggest I've done before is a shoulder pad so this could be interesting.

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.


  1. Draw it out on a piece of paper and have it close by to reference. Thin your paints a ton and lay out the basic design before you go back in with more opaque paint to fill in details and such. God help you. I hate freehand. Last banner i did was my DA 4th company banner. ***Shudder***

  2. Thanks Zab, great advice but now I'm really scared...