Kings of War Week on Beasts of War

I'm sure you're all aware of Beasts of War, if not then follow the link immediately... Now you're back or if you didn't go anywhere read on.
They're having a Kings of War week, spending the entire week going through all the factions, some unboxings and a full demo game. I have to say it looks really interesting.
The models look great and are very good value. The rules seem simple to learn but with some tactical depth (and free to download).

The intro videos have been great, I'm slightly worried about Warren's enthusiasm for crazy projects but it's fantastic to see a system where there are so many opportunities for putting your own spin on things ( as you might have guessed that's my corner of the hobby world). The demo game is particularly good, seeing a complete novice pick up the game up so quickly is very encouraging.

So would I be interested in Kings of War? Definitely, especially as I have been recently considering guard allies for my Astral Knights and they would have to be medieval themed. Could I make an army that worked in 40k and KoW?

Here's the big disclaimer. Beasts of War are also running a massive competition to win some KoW stuff and you get extra entries for writing a blog post... But I thought it was worth sharing anyway so please head on over and see what you think.

Would you be interested in starting a KoW force and if so which one?


  1. I'm not big on gaming but from a hobby stand point I like a few of those twilight kin. The sorceress and assassin would be fun to paint...

    1. I agree, especially the sorceress it's a fantastic looking sculpt.