Showcase: paper scenery.

I recently discovered Dave Graffam models. He produces loads of really cool looking printable card terrain. Read on for lots more details and photos.

The building shown here is one of his free models. You get multilayer pdfs, allowing you to choose wall, roof and floor textures as well as positions of doors, windows and chimneys etc. This means that one set of pdfs can make two very different looking buildings.

To make this example I printed of the images. Glued them onto card using spray glue, then cut them out with a hobby knife and metal ruler. The folds were scored and any exposed edges were coloured black with a felt tip pen. I used superglue for most of the construction as it really speeds things up. The base was mounted on foam core before the building was stuck down and the edges painted with a mid grey.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I particularly like the darker tone of the model compared to lots of fantasy terrain. It would be perfect for mordheim or similar games. It looks pretty good for an hour's work, what do you think? Would you use card terrain?

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below...

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