Showcase: More card scenery.

I had a go at a couple more of Dave Graffam's paper scenery models. In the above photo you can see the watch tower. Read on to see more photos...

As before the pdf is multilayered. The height of the tower can be changed, you can swap in or out the staircase and balconies and doors/windows can be moved. The textures and colours can also be changed meaning you really can make more than one model out of the one file.

This time I printed directly onto the card which saved a bit of time but it's still not quick to build. I also had a go at another free model, the tiny hovel.

This really is a bit basic. No options and very small. I haven't had a chance to edge the bases in grey paint yet so they still look a bit stark but that should be soon fixed.

Here's my fantasy town so far...

I'll try and get some photos with some figures on the balconies on the watch tower. Now do I do another building like these or try a ruined building?

As always please feel free to leave any comments or questions below...


  1. I really like these mate, you've made them well. Is there a possibility you could 40k these kits?

    1. Cheers ieuan. There's not much scope to 40k these up bit there are a couple of other options. He produces a range of sci fi terrain (containers, bunkers etc) or ruined buildings which would do at a push. Have a look at his website and let me know if anything appeals to you for the club...

  2. Beautiful models, great work!