Converting a knightly scout squad sergeant

I mentioned last time that I was struggling to make my scout squad fit with my astral knights look.  I can't give the sergeant a plumed helmet as the scouts don't wear helmets and having a feathery plume sticking out from your head isn't good if you are trying to be sneaky and hide!  Banners don't really fit either for much the same reason.  So I came up with the following little conversions.

 As you can see from the image he has been given a power sword, the archetypal knightly weapon.  I'm not sure where the arm came from but I cut the hand of at the wrist and then thinned down the power armour cuff using a hobby knife so that it fitted with the slimmer scout arm.  I think the forearm is a little too long but it looks OK.

The other thing I did was to give him a shield.  I used one from a terminator sprue as they are nice and small, anything else would drown the poor little scout.  Like my tactical squad sergeant it has been mounted on the back of the hand holding the gun.  It also has the vertical sword on it that matches the chapter badge.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions....


  1. I like the little touch, its subtle but makes a big difference, I think the only thing I'd change is the heads, maybe do a swap with empire heads, but they look good dude.

  2. Cheers James, I hadn't thought of using empire heads, I'll look into it...

    I've now redone the sword and shield slightly as I wasn't happy with the forearm holding the sword and the angle of the shield. I'll try to put photos up soon to show you what I mean.

  3. Cool, I look forward to seeing it, have you thought of putting a sheathed sword from some of the empire kits on a squad sarges waist if you do another squad, it looks quite cool I've done it to one of my marines and it kind of sets the model off........if I do say so myself :-P.