1st mock up of an Astral Knights Biker.

This is the first mock up of an astral knight biker that I have done.  Currently it is held together with blue tac...  I thought I would post it up to get feedback or any ideas before I finalise the set up and start the squad.  Lots more images and details after the break.

In the top image you can see the terminator pauldron shield on the front guard of the bike to give the classic lance and shield look. I've used the ravenwing front end to give a more ornate look, along with the ravenwing legs to give the knight a slightly robed look.  Do I need to use a robed body if I use robed legs?
What do people think?
The helmet is from the Grey Knights squad and really looks the part especially with the helmet plume.  You can also just make out the sheathed sword at his side, this is from some WFB knights

 From this view you can see the Bretonnian lance more clearly, the arm is as is at the moment and I'm going to have to decide how much of a marine arm and how much original bretonnian arm to use.  I'm really pleased with the lance it fits perfectly for scale and look.

Finally the rear view shows the grey knights backpack, it's got a little sword on it which matches the astral knight logo. As does the equipment box from the Ravenwing sprue.  The only thing I'm not sure about is the banner pole.  Do I leave it there and give each night his own banner or do I just put a large one on the sergeant?

For details of ideas and bits used see this post:

Ideas for Astral Knights Bikers

Any feedback or ideas would be great so please leave comments below.


  1. I don't think you need to use the robed top for the biker. Maybe if he were standing, but seated it looks good either way.

    1. cheers Zab, I think you're right which is lucky as I like the unrobed top halfs much more....

  2. I think that looks awesome!

    Very characterful and the pieces you've used work really well together. I pilfered most of the dark angel and grey knight range for the sword icon too!

    I very we'll done on the competition too, hope you've got a display cabinet at home for him? Looking forward to the next one.

    And finally, the decorating is coming on ok and we're due our first night there this evening! Can't wait!

    1. thanks ieuan, I'm really pleased with the way he looks.

      congrats on the decorating, the first night in a new place is always exciting...