2012 Review

It was only eight months ago that I started this blog and the new year seemed a perfect time to review what has happened and thank everybody who has commented.

In May I started to paint miniatures again after a break of over ten years, so here's a quick look back at the progress I've made since then.

This was the first test model I did for my Astral Knights chapter, not a bad paint job for a first attempt.

Here is the first full squad of marines, I'm really pleased with the effect on the power sword and the freehand chapter badges.

Next up were my squad of sniper scouts, these were fun to do with a variety of textures and the camo pattern providing an interesting challenge.

 After the two Astral Knights squads I tried some different stuff to push my painting abilities.  This was my first attempt at NMM. Semi-successful in my opinion but it certainly helped me sharpen my techniques.

Finally there was my entry for my local panting competition.  I enjoyed painting this model and doing the base was interesting.

So that was last year, what does this year hold? First up will be the next entry for the local painting competition and my Astral Knight Bikers which I will post up soon...

Finally a big thank you to everybody who has taken the time to read and/or comment on this blog and especially my long suffering fiancee for puting up with being a 'warhammer widow' as she calls it.


  1. I great look back over last years hobby activity mate

    Really love how the painting has come on really well, looking forward to what you have planned next

    Have you ever considered a second 40k force?

    Gotta love warhammer widow lol

  2. Cheers Ieuan, don't think I could do a second army at my rate, at least not until I'm finished with the first. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 on your blog by the way.


  3. Damn impressive progress there Rob. Keep up the great work in the new year! Perhaps the ladies should start their own support blog for the widows. I know my wife would have some tales to tell. Like the time her friends thought she was crazy to leave me alone in the basement with a bunch of "models"! Yeah, not those kinds of models ladies ;)

  4. Cheers Zab, that's not a bad idea. I also used to enjoy the odd guest post by Ron's wife on FTW, so I might try to persuade her to do a post from the other side of the fence as it were....