First combat squad finished

I've finally finished the first combat squad.  Here are the pictures.

I'm not going to say much else here, rather just enjoy having finished them.


  1. Love the squad! Look really good as a unit and the scheme is crisp.

    The highlights on the blue great, how did you do them and which paints have you used?

  2. Cheers ieuan

    I must admit I am really pleased with the way they have come out as a unit.

    The blue is base coat of spray black (citadel chaos black), then a coat of thinned Kantor blue, washed with drakenhof nightshade (just in the recesses). Any upper faces are then painted with a thinned coat of altdorf guard blue (zenithal approach) and finally line highlighted using thinned teclis blue (again only on the edges that would naturally get caught by light from above.
    A lot of work but I think it gives a really nice dark blue colour that isn't too ultramarine...