Why did I do the boltguns separately?

You may have noticed from my WIP posts that I do the body of my marines first, then paint the boltguns separately before attaching them. Why do I do this?

I find that it enables me to paint the chests etc of the marines much better and I always like knowing that even the bits I can barely see are painted as well as I can, but, there are problems.

How do you paint the boltguns on their own? I have to glue them to spare plastic (in this case shoulder pads) to be able to hold them, then break them off and reglue to the marine.

I've wasted some time! There are areas painted to my best abilities that no one will ever see.  Quite the reverse of what most people would suggest (see this link from the warp).

So for my next combat squad I'm going to try weapons on painting.......

What do you do in these kind of situations? Any tips for painting in awkward corners?


  1. For this kind of thing blue tac or something like has been a great help to me.

    Great post and a question that many of us face. I spray things separately so I'm often painting a head that's been stuck on a paint pot via blue tac.

    For bolters, I have taken to laying them all out on their sides on a bit of card or whatever you have to hand then painting the side closest to the marine in the base colours only but highlight the side outwardly facing.

    Hope it helps!

  2. really useful thanks!

    I found the shoulder pads too small to be easily held so I might have to try blu-tacing to some spare old sprue if I can't manage to paint them on the minature....