WIP, Astral Knights chapter badge done

Nearly finished the first combat squad.  I've now done the shoulder pads and freehanded the chapter badge on each one.  I was really worried about consistency on this but they have come out OK.  I used my method of breaking it down into simple shapes to help me and it worked really well.  My new paintbrush seems to give me much better control as well, which certainly helps.  

Is it me or do they look a little bit like a boy band mid routine here?  Hopefully the boltguns will help with this....


  1. Hi Rob,

    Really like the look of the blog now, not that there was anything wrong before but I just like this! The squad is coming on brilliantly, I'm in envy of those hand painted symbols mate.

    I've use bitz box previously and I'm very impressed with the service too.

    Oh and yeah, the boy band routine, haha. When we used to play blood bowl, the house rule was to turn your player once he'd been used. It looked like a conga so every now and then you'd hear someone humming or worse singing the tune!

  2. Cheers ieuan.

    Sometimes simpler is better when it comes to web content, glad you like it.

    Was just so relieved that the freehand looked reasonably consistent.

    I'm sorely tempted to line 4 of them up in front of the Beatles on abbey road poster I have...