A more dynamic pose for a basic boltgun marine

I tried to give one of the basic marines a more dynamic pose.  The idea was that if they are deployed as two combat squads then I need a marine to lead the more shooty half (including the missile launcher).  So this guy looks slightly more senior than the rest, hence the sword on the backpack and also he is modelled to appear as if he is a long range shooting expert.  I've put the telescopic sight on his boltgun, given him the head with the targeter attached and posed him as if he shooting single handed at a target far away.

How was it done?

The legs, body, head and backpack are as normal.  The right arm uses a left over arm from a biker with the hand swapped for one holding a gun.  For the left arm I had to use an old metal version as I didn't have any plastic arms that looked right.

Does he look better with the knife in hand or not?  What do people think?

I also think his right thigh needs bulking out with some equipment to balance the model and give him some more mass.

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