First use of greenstuff

I've never used greenstuff before but I needed to make the join between the feathered plume on my sergeants helmet and the actual helmet look a lot less 'converted'.  I've tried to put a small ring round it so that it looks like something is holding all the feathers in.

As this was my first time with greenstuff I did some research to get me started, I found this section on from the warp really useful.

Having made sure that my hands and tools and surfaces were wet so the greenstuff didn't stick to anything that I didn't want it to I cut of a small section of yellow and blue.  I mixed them in the ratio 1:1 as that seemed to be the general advice and rolled out a very thin string.  I then cut this to roughly long enough to wrap round the base of the plume and wrapped it round. 
Using a modelling tool I smoothed the ends together and pushed it down so that it followed the contours of the helmet and the ridge running front to back. 

I think it was worth it, the join now looks semi official and less kitbashed.

What do people think, any advice for working with greenstuff from your experiences?


  1. Nice work. Greenstuff doesn't always have to be complex or involved to be great. Sometimes the most simple or basic additions can change the look of a model completely.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks Ron, I wouldn't have had the confidence to give it a go without the stuff on your site so the credit goes to you.